Name Charles Powell
Position PhD Student


  • 2022.12 - Present
    Emmanuel College
    Admissions interviews for undergraduate mathematics.
  • 2021.10 - Present
    Undergradute Supervisor
    Emmanuel College
    Supervising first year undergraduates in Differential Equations and Vector Calculus.
  • 2021.06 - 2022.06
    GCSE Maths tutoring
    Weekly sessions with one student.
  • 2019.08 - 2019.09
    Radio Astronomy Research Engineer
    Astrophysics group, University of Exeter
    Worked with Dr. Chris Brunt to determine the viability of a novel technique of measuring atmospheric refractivity using a combination of radio interferometry and ADS-B transmissions from commercial aircraft. Worked with the Met Office to test the technique, producing promising results that led to further development towards deploying the method widely at Met Office observation stations.
  • 2017.07 - 2017.08
    Radio Astronomy Research Engineer
    Astrophysics group, University of Exeter
    Design & development of a small and affordable radio telescope in collaboration with Dr. Chris Brunt & Master's student. Worked independently on back-end software development using GNUradio to process radio signals and detect pulsars in our galaxy.
  • 2014.07 - 2014.07
    Research Assistant
    Astrophysics group, University of Exeter
    KS3 work experience placement with Dr. Jennifer Hatchell. Developed skills in data analysis, using TOPCAT for numerical investigation of young stellar objects in infrared observations of the Serpens South cluster.

Interests & Responsibilities

  • 2024.04 - Present
    Steering committee member
    Cambridge Centre for Climate Science
    Representing DAMTP Atmosphere-Ocean group.
  • 2024.01 - Present
    Cambridge Maths School
    Mentored a group of 4 A-Level students on a research project, investigating the use of fluid dynamics in understanding the role of chaos in weather prediction.
  • 2023.03 - Present
    CATAM feedback sessions
    University of Cambridge
    Providing feedback on undergraduate mathematics computational project reports.
  • 2023.01 - 2024.01
    'Lab lunch' seminar organiser
    University of Cambridge
    Worked with a colleague to organise weekly talks for the GK Batchelor Laboratory research group.
  • 2023.01 - 2024.01
    Research group seminar organiser
    University of Cambridge
    Worked with a colleague to organise weekly talks for the atmosphere-ocean dynamics research group.
  • 2022.03 - 2024.03
    Project feedback sessions
    Exeter Maths School
    Providing feedback on extracurricular research project reports for A-Level students.
  • 2021.10 - 2022.09
    MCR committee member
    Emmanuel College
    Computer officer for MCR (post-graduate society).
  • 2018.08 - 2018.09

    Pezinok, Slovakia

    International Meteor Organisation
    Wrote conference report and assisted in preparation of conference proceedings.
  • 2018.06 - Present
    Committee member
    Emmanuel Boat Club
    Lower Boats Captain (2018-19), Captain (2019-20), Secretary (2020-23), Junior Treasurer (2023-).
  • 2012.01 - 2018.01

    Sidmouth, Devon

    Software developer
    Norman Lockyer Observatory
    Member of the Lockyer Technology Group, the most active citizen science radio observation station in the UK. Assisted in development of hardware for detecting meteors using reflected radio signals from the GRAVES station in France. Developed software to improve analysis of spectrograms by categorising the RMS error; the method is now in widespread use across the UK Meteor Observation Network.


  • 2021.10 - Present

    Cambridge, UK

    DAMTP, University of Cambridge
    Atmosphere & Ocean Fluid Dynamics
  • 2017.10 - 2021.06

    Cambridge, UK

    BA and MMath (distinction)
    Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge
    Mathematical Tripos

Awards, Grants and Fellowships